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Stacey Wohl


Stacy Wohl founded Our Coffee with a Cause in 2012 in response to the growing concern for special-needs individuals on Long Island who are aging out of schools to find job opportunities and a learning environment to acquire real-life skills.

Stacey Wohl brings 20 years of business experience, along with the knowledge of addressing the unique needs of teens and adults with disabilities.


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Brittney Wohl


Brittney is 18 and the motivation for founding the company. She previously had been in two residential boarding schools. She has over come a lot of obstacles and persevered. Her infectious laugh and joy for life touch many people. She is non verbal and communicates through an augmentative device.


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Logan Wohl


Logan is 16 years old and is a dedicated member of the Our Coffee with a Cause team. He is a kind-hearted boy with a good spirit who always offers a friendly greeting.


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Joseph is 43 years old. He works for AHRC and Our Coffee with a Cause. Joseph was our first employee attending the special needs expo and the Walt Whitman mall with us. He is very friendly and outgoing and loves to grind coffee


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Christopher is 16 and has been bowling with Logan for five years in the after school program in Northport at Larkfield Lanes. His sister attends the same school as Brittney and Logan. He is a very helpful and friendly guy who is a joy to be around.


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Grace is a 17-year old from Mineola and has been friends with Brittney Wohl since kindergarten. She enjoys working at the trade shows and communicates with an augmentative device.