Roasted CoffeeOur team is made up of multiple young adults with a variety or cognitive disabilities. Our Coffee With A Cause was started by Stacey Wohl, when she found herself stuck between a rock and a hard place. She began working on this organization with her two children Brittany, who is 18, and her son Logan who is 16, both of them have autism. Her two children were the inspiration for starting this non-profit organization, and have been apart of it ever since. In addition to the Wohl family, we have another regular employee named Joseph who is 41 years of age, and has down syndrome. Oftentimes, we have temporary employees join us, and they are typically classmates of Brittney, Logan and Joseph.

We hire these young adults for jobs that they normally wouldn’t get the opportunity of working. We give them responsibilities that help our company function, such as packaging our premium coffee, as well as delivering it with a smile. From applying the labels to our bags, and coordinating shipments, our organic coffee makes it’s way to you from the hard working hands of our dedicated and special employees.

Another way we create opportunity for our employees is at our sales events in which our employees work with an assistant to sell products, using a custom designed iPad app.

About Our Roasted ProductsRoasted Coffee

 We have a wide variety of products to offer. With multiple flavors of roasted coffee, we’re sure you’ll find something to love. We offer drinking mugs, as well as fresh espresso coffee beans that you can order as well. If you’re a single serve coffee drinker, we also carry multiple flavors of K-Cups Coffee. We also offer a coffee subscription, that allows you to choose from roasted coffee flavors and accessories monthly. Regardless of the type of coffee you like to drink, our employees are ready to pack it up and ship it out with a smile on their faces.
When you order from our coffee website, you’re helping to support our cause. A portion of the proceeds from Our Coffee With A Cause goes to our other organization called Our Own Place Charity.